Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the most important problem on your desk. Planning for the future of your business may be more urgent than you think. Most family businesses fail to navigate the rough passage across generational tides – statistics suggest that fewer than one in three businesses are successfully passed from their founders to the founder’s children. And the handful of businesses that do make it across one generation gap almost always fail to cross another.

Are you or key leaders in your organization prepared for a successor to take on the vital leadership role if the needed arises? Effective succession planning is related to leadership development and creates a pool of qualified talent so there are multiple exceptional candidates who can fill leadership vacancies when needed. Our Succession Planning workshop helps lay the groundwork that is essential to the long-term survival of a company or organization.


Workshop Content

We help teams define succession planning and its role within an organization or business. We explore many factors that indicate when there’s a need to implement or re-evaluate a plan.

Some of our most popular workshop topics include:

  • Understanding succession planning
  • The difference between succession planning & replacement planning
  • Building a strong talent base for leadership roles & opportunities
  • Laying the groundwork for succession planning
  • Examining the obstacles to success
  • Evaluating and adapting your goals and plans
  • Hardwiring succession planning


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