Succession Planning Workshop

Nothing will derail an organization quite like an unexpected change in leadership. Not only can these changes take an emotional toll, but the financial impact can be devastating if an organization is suddenly left without a leader or a clear leadership transition plan.

The role of a succession plan is to create a crystal-clear vision of the future for an organization when, not if, a leadership change takes place. At Britton Consulting, we help teams envision that future, develop a succession strategy, and prepare today’s and tomorrow’s leaders for success. 

Why Invest in a Succession Planning Workshop?

Our BCG Succession Planning Workshop will prepare your organization for the future in three important ways.  We’ll empower your organization to plan for leadership changes, prepare individuals to take on new leadership roles, and put our focus on the organization’s long-term success.

Our workshop facilitators will work directly with your founders, owners, and entire management team and provide them with the tools, skills, and strategies they need to develop a succession management plan that protects your organization and team members.

What to Expect from Our Succession Planning Workshop

We’ll help you identify the current state of your organization’s leadership structure and how succession planning currently fits within your organization’s priorities. Then, we’ll equip you with tools to evaluate your organization’s talent base for future leadership opportunities and create and implement an effective succession management.

Our BCG Succession Planning Workshop will help you create a clear path for succession and put your organization in a position of strength today and in the future.

A Few Examples of Workshop Topics:

  • Understanding succession planning as a critical success factor
  • The difference between succession planning & replacement planning
  • Building a strong talent base for leadership roles & opportunities
  • Laying the groundwork for succession planning
    • Examining the obstacles to success
    • Evaluating and adapting your goals and plans
    • Hardwiring succession planning

“Britton Consulting was keen in providing insights into context and understanding the uniqueness of those on our team.”


We’d love to learn more about you and your team, and how we can help you develop a strong succession plan. Contact us today to schedule a workshop and let’s discuss how Britton Consulting Group can provide you with the tools, skills, and inspiration to provide exceptional team leadership.