Our Services

Our Britton Consulting services help organizations of all sizes grow through effective leadership. We help management teams build the essential skills they need for a modern organizational environment and foster growth in tomorrow’s leaders. We believe an organization is more effective when its leaders are empowered to approach challenges as opportunities. 

Britton Consulting offers a wide range of customized organization consulting services meant to create thoughtful conversations and equip leaders with tools for success.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaches pose questions, listen, observe, and create a personalized approach for each client’s needs. We help guide our clients’ conversations by learning, gaining new insights, and crafting great plans for their future. It’s one part personal mentor and one part organization analyst – creating positive outcomes and preparing clients for the future.

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Succession Planning

Successful succession planning is about leadership development and putting the infrastructure in place to allow an organization to live beyond its current leaders. Our strategy is to help you create a pool of qualified talent and organizational awareness, so there are always leaders ready to step in and take the reins. Our succession planning consulting is peace of mind for your organization’s future.

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Board Development

A board’s culture and leadership are essential elements in ensuring its effectiveness. Nonprofits that work with our board development consultants receive valuable, unbiased perspective from an external eye and benefit from our fact-based approach to developing effective board leadership. Nonprofit board development can reenergize a stagnant board, develop its future leaders, and sustain well-functioning nonprofit boards and their organizations.

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Change Management

Employees are the true gatekeepers of organizational change. They have the power to breathe life – or failure – into an organization’s new program or process. Our consultants help leaders understand the science of change and give them the tools and knowledge to motivate employees to champion change across the organization.

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Personality Assessments

Hiring the right candidate the first time is easier with our help. Our evidence-based assessment tools give employers a well-rounded perspective on a candidate and insight into who they are, how they will interact with your organization, and whether they’re a good cultural fit. In addition, employment personality testing helps employers craft collaborative and effective teams.

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Leadership Development

Developing organizational leaders is a commitment to lifelong learning. Our program will help your organization build the tools necessary to become an effective leader. We focus on a personalized and adaptive approach because no two individuals are the same. 

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Organizational Development

We work alongside organizations and leaders to create a custom plan based on their unique organization model, employee culture, and goals. We give you the tools necessary to sustain organization development efforts into the future and continue to create effective goal-oriented systems.

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Our goal is to help organizations and leaders improve communication, streamline processes, and grow sustainably. Britton’s consulting services are tailored to each client’s needs, making us the perfect fit for any organization.

We’d love to learn more about you and your team and how we can help you achieve your goals and find success. Contact us today to learn more about organization consulting services, and let’s discuss how Britton Consulting Group can provide you with the tools, skills, and inspiration to provide exceptional team leadership.