Change Management

Change Management

There is a lot at risk for an organization when important key business change is not managed effectively – employees can become distracted, productivity can falter and ultimately customers can be lost. But in today’s global and technology-based world, pressure to change is on the rise.

The Change Readiness Profile results helped my leaders understand their personal response to change, as well as identify areas where they need to grow in leading themselves and others through change.

—SOMAT Company


Change Management
Organizations that embrace and manage change
can transform that change into a clear competitive
advantage. Our Change Management workshop
teaches organizations how to fully master change
and maximize its return on investment.



Workshop Content

Our customized workshop helps our clients understand and mitigate risk, and equip them to not only manage resistance to change, but to anticipate it in the first place. We can also help transition individuals, teams or organizations from current state to a more desirable future state.

Some of our most popular workshop topics include:

  • Fundamental certainties about change
  • Organization and individual dynamics of change
  • Identifying the top 10 reasons for change resistance
  • Assessing leadership’s readiness for change
  • Framework for achieving a change initiative
  • Tools for managing change


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