Organizational Development

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At Britton Consulting Group, we have the privilege of helping leaders advance their business from just ‘existing’ to growing. Through our Organizational Development services, we help plan and orchestrate processes, systems and structures that enable organizations to advance to the next level of success. A key emphasis in Organizational Development is assisting clients with not only meeting their goals, but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use for future success.

Duane and Reyna are both very relational and create an atmosphere that opens the door for candid and honest communication.

—Ron Myer, DOVE International


An Effective, Multi-Phase Approach

We employ our unique and highly effective Assess, Align, Achieve process to help our clients realize organizational success. Often during the assessment phase of the project, it is discovered that additional support such as personal or team development services would be beneficial to the organization. When this happens, our team works closely with the client to create a tailored action plan that ensures the desirable outcome.



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