Challenging Conversations

Challenging Conversations

So, what is a challenging conversation? It’s anything you find hard to talk about, and it can involve a range of factors such as a sensitive or problematic behaviors and actions. It is usually a discussion between two or more individuals where opinions vary, emotions run deep and the outcome greatly impacts their lives.

The hardest part of any challenging conversation is being prepared to handle it. It’s important to stay in charge of yourself, your purpose and your emotional energy. Through our Challenging Conversations workshop, you’ll learn that with the right amount of preparation and reflection of a tough situation, you can effectively communicate and even deepen the relationships with those around you. You’ll learn how to communicate even the most negative or difficult message without creating conflict or destroying trust.

The practical illustrations, interactive exercises, videos and handouts will serve my leadership team well in having crucial conversations with their peers and direct reports.

—Green Acres Outdoor Living


Workshop Content

Our customized workshop gives participants a clearer picture of just what makes challenging conversations difficult and shows how to improve the chances of having them productively. We share practical, actionable tools to take back into your organization, business or home.

Some of our most popular workshop topics include:

  • Understanding what makes some conversations ‘difficult’
  • Recognizing ‘challenging conversations’ and typical reactions to them
  • Appreciating components of the communication process
  • Identifying tools that can be used when engaging in challenging conversations
  • Learning how to positively resolve the issue at hand while improving communication and the relationship of the parties involved


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