Marriage Enrichment for Leadership Couples

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage is a lifelong journey filled with adventures, hurdles and opportunities. It can be particularly challenging for executive and leadership couples, whether they are small business owners, church, ministry or community leaders or members of a multi-generational/family organization. When their unique responsibilities are added into the equation, intentional effort is needed to create a mutually satisfying marriage.

Even after thirty-three years of marriage we learned new things about each other and how to improve an already healthy and happy relationship. We highly recommend BCG to couples who are looking to grow and improve their marriage.

—Tom and Nancy Barnett


A Unique, Life-Enhancing Experience

Duane and Reyna Britton have devoted much of their 40 years of marriage to helping couples achieve their greatest potential. The BCG Marriage Enrichment Process™, designed by the Brittons, is a unique and personalized multi-phase experience that is driven by each couple’s goals, needs and desires. Couples who have gone through the enrichment experience have shared extremely positive feedback.

Couples participate in the BCG Marriage Enrichment Process to:

  • Recognize to a greater extent what they are capable of accomplishing together
  • Create more synergy and shared fun
  • Gain a better understanding of their individual strengths and goals
  • Chart a course for transitioning to the next phase of their life
  • Pursue a new degree of marital fulfillment
  • Develop, clarify or strengthen mutual goals
  • Identify potential barriers that can hinder mutuality and goal achievement
  • Acquire goal accomplishment tools


Four Phases of the Marital Enrichment Process™

Couples may choose to complete all four phases within one or two months or progress through each phase according to their goals:

Phase 1: Discovery

Couples are assisted in identifying marital goals and objectives. This ensures from the beginning what success looks like, and what specific outcome is to be achieved.

Phase 2: Assessment

Based on the defined goals and objectives, varied assessment tools are recommended and completed in order to understand the couple’s current state and enable mapping toward their desired future state.

Phase 3: Breakthrough Retreat

Results from the individual and couple assessments are explored and transformational breakthrough opportunities are identified. This intensive phase is usually held over a weekend at a popular inn or resort that is convenient for the couple.

Phase 4: Navigational Coaching

A development plan is designed for the couple which serves as the base for assessing and accomplishing their goals. Feedback from each spouse ensures the plan is mutually agreed upon and achievable. Navigational coaching typically consists of four to five sessions. The Britton team serves as a coach, motivating couples and helping them overcome barriers and navigate the pitfalls to achieving transformational change.


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