Churches and Ministry Consulting

Churches and Ministries

Every church and ministry, regardless of size or type, has a God-given potential to fulfill a God-ordained purpose. The team at Britton Consulting Group has numerous years of ministry and leadership experience in assessing and working through the issues that can negatively affect a religious organization.

Ministries and leaders often get stuck in old patterns and they are very helpful in both identifying these patterns and offering solutions.

—Lester Zimmerman, Petra Church


Why Church Consulting?

Church consultation is a process that provides insights, recommendations and helpful guidance to improve the overall health of a church or ministry. There are many reasons that an organization may need support:

  • Plateau or gradual decline in attendance
  • Lack of clarity or vision
  • Adjustments or changes in personnel
  • Communication issues
  • Insufficient growth planning
  • Confusion regarding leadership or board roles
  • Absence of policies to guide the ministry
  • Need for additional operational or administrative processes
  • Group conflict or leadership struggles


The resources they recommended were life changing and were able to be practically implemented almost immediately. What we received from them still influences what we are doing on almost a daily basis.

—Merle Shenk, House of Praise, Dove South Africa

Whatever phase of church development or ministry challenge that may exist, we can help. And we never use a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to our services. Using our tried and true, step-by-step process, we’ll assess your current state of affairs and compare it to your organization’s vision and desired future state. Next, we’ll create a plan that effectively aligns with your culture, vision and goals. Last but certainly not least, we make sure that your organization achieves its desired outcome. It’s a formula for success that we’ve had the honor of using with many remarkable churches and ministries over the years.


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