Business Development

Britton Consulting Group, L.L.C. is a professional organizational development and navigational coaching practice founded by Duane and Reyna Britton. Their practice is devoted to resourcing organizations and leaders for excellence through utilizing a variety of proven leading-edge assessment tools, designing custom-tailored transformational objectives, goals and action plans, and identifying measures of success and appropriate best practice benchmark comparisons.

BCG Senior Consultants utilize multiple assessment tools including the gold-standard Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, which is increasingly becoming recognized as the most systematic approach for assessing, improving and managing organizational performance and creating a transformational culture.  Whether an organization is small or large, for-profit or non-profit, the Criteria provide a valuable framework to assess and measure performance, determine the most effective performance improvement tools, improve communication, increase cost-effectiveness, improve efficiencies and achieve strategic goals.

Organizational Assessment and Transformational Change is not accomplished through conducting a standardized multi-question survey, reviewing the results and identifying common themes.  In-depth systemic organizational assessment is required to accomplish organizational goals and objectives, to respond to current environmental and economic conditions, optimize the engagement of customers, employees and strategic partners and achieve and sustain high performance outcomes.

BCG utilizes a multiphase Performance Excellence Assessment and Improvement Process to assist organizations in accomplishing their vision, organizational goals and achieving greater levels of excellence.  The Performance Excellence Assessment and Improvement Process are comprised of four phases:

  • Phase I – Discovery Process: Ensures from the onset of the relationship what client success looks like and what specific outcomes are to be achieved. Through professional expert interview & listening skills, BCG Consultants assist teams and individuals to explicitly determine what is to be accomplished to attain greater levels of excellence. The Discovery Process is key to identifying project outcomes and developing the corresponding goals, objectives, action steps and metrics to get there.
  • Phase II – Assessment Process: Multiple and varied assessment tools are utilized to ensure that clients receive individualized assessment. The determinate selection of assessment tools are based on client specific goals and objectives.
  • Phase III – Transformational Plan Development Process:  BCG Consultants present individual and team crisscross assessment results and assists clients in identifying and prioritizing transformational change opportunities. The design of client-specific growth and development plans is a collaborative process, which ensures that developmental goals and objectives are tailored-made and achievable.
  • Phase IV – Navigational Support and Coaching: Development plans, designed by BCG Consultants, unique to each individual and team, serve as the roadmap for growth, progress and assessing goal achievement. During this process, consultants serve as personal and team coaches, for a short-term 3-to-6 months or long-term 9-to-12 months timeframe or on a supplemental basis to coach, motivate and assist clients to overcome barriers, counteract inertia, conquer unanticipated challenges and navigate the pitfalls to achieving transformational change.

Business Development and Transformational Change project fees are determined based on organizational size, project scope and length of project engagement.

BCG founders, Duane and Reyna Britton, possess more than 30 years of experience launching ventures and holding leadership positions within large and small profit and non-profit organizations. They have served in a variety of consulting roles and formed Britton Consulting Group to fulfill their historically held passion, which is to serve as catalysts in assisting organizations to achieve their goals and newly found levels of performance excellence.

Expansive knowledge and experience, as well as strategic partnerships with organizational and human development sector experts, enable BCG to provide clients with what is necessary to achieve extraordinary results.

BCG provides its services in the most effective professional manner with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to ensure complete client satisfaction. Each project agreement is regarded as a respectfully held promise, not between a business and its clients, but between associates who choose to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

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